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This Works Press, founded by Neal and Kerry Zagarella,  is committed to the idea that a small press can contain big ideas, inspired thought and original writing. Our genesis can be traced to the spoken word explosion of the late eighties and early nineties in Cambridge, Boston, and the North Shore. We started as a monthly magazine that would encompass poetry, baseball, beer, politics, music, art – anything and everything that caught our interest. After searching for a word that would encompass all those things we settled simply on This.

     For several years This held a monthly open mic at the old Deacon Giles pub with support from the late, great Dodge Street Bar and Grille. We held workshops at Lynn high schools, and satellite shows at other clubs in the area featuring original rock’n’roll and spoken word.

     Original chapbooks were published under the name This Poets Press. An expansion to full length collections, novels and beyond led organically to a more inclusive, open ended name – This Works Press – a home to original creative writing and writers.

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