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Derek Richards is a poet/musician/songwriter as well as a sickeningly avid Boston sports fan. While his poetry has appeared in over 150 journals around the world, his fantasy sports championships, sadly, have generated far less attention. His first collection of poetry, Lost in Dogtown, was published by This Works Press around the same time he nearly became famous as one of the two founders of the alt-band Tozai. He has had numerous poems nominated for numerous awards and subsequently has dominated the Honorable Mention category. He was also once told to keep his day job by a horribly pompous journal he doesn't wish to name called Quills and Parchment. In the past years he has written, recorded and co-produced two cd releases, Enslaving Grace, "the Gutter Gospel" and Worry the Bones "Thirteen Pregnant Virgins. Worry The Bones release has spent two years in Reverbnations Top 25 National Hard Rock rankings. People almost recognize him now when he screams. Derek hopes to one day have a yard big enough to have 200 dogs who will jump all over him every time he returns from the store.

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