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This Works Press

is excited to announce the  release of:

1968 The Age of Reason, by Kerry Zagarella

   1968: The Age of Reason, chronicles the school year of a second grade girl, Katherine, as she excitedly approaches “the age of reason” in the Catholic Church. The backdrop of a dysfunctional family life, Catholic Church abuses, assassinations, and the growing discontent with the Vietnam War, serve to accentuate the profound loss of innocence, for both Katherine, and her country. The story is seen through the eyes of Katherine. Her absurd attempts to make sense of the growing chaos surrounding her life  provide a sinister kind of  humor that will simultaneously engage and horrify readers. 



Email to order a signed copy mailed directly to you.-$20.00 (this is the best way to support our small press).

Audible option coming soon! 


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